Is God the Author of Confusion? Studying the Bible

In the beginning when I was a brand-new Christian, I check out the scriptures as if it was a publication just like any kind of other publications which I made use of to read in the past. No one told me the scriptures could talk to me. Nobody present me to the scriptures as a spirit filled book that might talk with me literally. It took a while prior to the bible talked to me, something like 2 years. Yes, the bible talks. This is the covert fact. Numerous Christians do not experience the bible talking with them in their existing scenario. When I first pertained to the Lord, I had 5 situations. It was devastating; my whole world as well as life sights came crashing down. Everything that I had built based upon my very own understanding did not go as planned. The only thing that helped me was my early youth direct exposure to God. I was coached in a Presbyterian Mission college. It provided me the fundamental expertise that when we prayed to Jesus he would certainly answer us.

They didn’t educate me that the bible can speak to me. The bible is alive and also it talks to you. For those who do not believe that this is a present, I am currently announcing this straightforward reality to you. If you can not access God straight, your only hope is to read the holy bible. And before you open the scriptures, pray and also speak to it, asked that you open to the appropriate pages to make sure that God can speak with you via words therein. This is not hocus-pocus; God will guide you to the extremely pages that he will start to talk with you. Absolutely nothing can take place by chance, unless God has ordained it, no occasion take up your cross meaning can take its area without the consent from God. This is Truth.

Matthew 7:7 King James Version (KJV).
7 Ask, and also it will be provided you; seek, as well as ye will discover; knock, as well as it will be opened up unto you:.

The best present that God can provide to any person is his active Rhema Word. The Rhema word is an active word from the voice of the Lord. The holy bible is the Brandings word of God, unless it is accelerated by the Spirit of the Lord, it remains a fixed word not a Rhema. That suggests the word is not in period. The Rhema is the Spirit filled up period word that will materialize its intended definition. It contains the innovative power of God to materialize true blessings. For most people their ears have not been opened up mentally so the very best and simplest means God can connect with them is with the bible verses. I do not suggest the logos or the fixed word, I indicate the words that will certainly protrude of the holy bible as well as talk to your spirit man. It touches your soul and your heart actually. You will certainly feel it speaking with you in your certain circumstance when you look for the Lord’s answer regards. Jesus stated, “My words are spirit and also they are life”.

John 6:63 New International Variation (NIV).
63 The Spirit provides life; the flesh counts for absolutely nothing. Words I have talked to you-they teem with the Spirit and life.

The words in the scriptures is actually a spirit filled up media of God, it is called the Truth. Reality is a spirit, and those that search for it shall find it, as well as gain knowledge. Wisdom indicates to comprehend real scenario and also to act based on the advise of God. God’s Rhema word produces the power to manifest his supreme verdict in your particular situation. Without the Rhema word, your situation will remain unchanged. Just God’s word from his own mouth can trigger your situation to transform. His word will certainly never return to him in space, it will certainly always produce the result as he has actually sent it. That is why God hardly ever talks.