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During your search for a cruise ship job, I’m sure you’ve read conflicting info on whether cruise ship hiring agents are worth using. After all, they do charge a fee for their services, which many times, don’t lead to a job. I’m of the opinion they are worth the effort to work with for a variety of reasons. Here’s why.

Like most desirable companies to work for, cruise 미국배송대행 lines get massive amounts of resumes to sort through every single day. We’re talking hundreds here. Most companies or organizations like this are much more inclined to outsource the monumental task of wading through these resumes, meeting candidates face to face, and then triaging applicants down to the most desirable. It’s much less expensive to just pay an agent or agency a commission then it is to have in house recruiters. And the fact that most hiring agents are ex crew members helps the cruise line considerably, because the agent is more likely to know the kind of people are cut out for the job. Again, this is the best way for the cruise line to free up their time and resources to do what they do best, service passengers and provide the most pleasurable experience possible.

In terms of how agents can assist you as a cruise line applicant directly — they have a vested interest in filling positions because they’re given commissions and incentives for placing applicants. This puts their interests directly in line with yours. They also know the cruise line HR reps personally in most cases, so if you make a good impression to the hiring agent, that’s a very significant step toward getting a job. Having the cruise ship hiring agent in your corner gives you a definite edge over those who don’t.

If you apply directly to the cruise line, you won’t have anyone in your corner, and your resume will just be another piece of paper in an endless stack of resumes. Of course, when this is the case your resume can be easily overlooked and discarded.